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Online directory of contingency fee lawyers, LLC is a company founded upon the principle that legal services should be available to EVERYONE, not just a privileged few that can afford hourly attorney fees normally ranging from $75 an hour on up to $500/hour. MAKING JUSTICE AFFORDABLE is a primary concern for many legal scholars and associations.

We have therefore created this website ( which encourages consumers to: “EXPLORE YOUR LEGAL OPTIONS!

This means users on our website have the ability to quickly search and contact numerous attorneys in a wide variety of legal categories who have committed to consider taking certain cases on a Contingency Fee basis. This may prove very useful to the consumer who could not otherwise afford expensive hourly legal fees and most likely has no other way to quickly interview attorneys who may consider taking a particular legal case on a Contingency Fee basis.

For attorneys, we allow you to extend the reach of your Internet “word of mouse advertising.” In these tough economic times, many attorneys are re-thinking their business model, and converting one or more of their practice areas into a contingency fee business model.

We sincerely hope our website helps you locate an attorney for your case. Users should be aware that there are no guarantees that any attorney will take your case, or ultimately take it on a contingency fee basis, but by contacting several attorneys, and exploring your legal options, hopefully you will find the legal solution you seek.

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